Melanie Adcock

Upping Your Freelance Game

Are you a freelancer? Or thinking of taking the plunge? I want to share with you the processes I now use to win clients and the process of taking a client from a lead to project delivery. ▪Incoming Leads ▪Qualifying Leads ▪Client Meetings ▪Writing Proposals/Contracts ▪Educating clients and anti follow-up ▪Onboarding ▪Delivery ▪Referral Machine ▪Recurring

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Episcopal Church Home

The Episcopal Church Home

This was a great project to work on. The client’s site was already on WordPress but with a theme that had too many options – much that was not needed. They needed a look to match their branding and someone to help them add content after the fact that didn’t cost them an arm and

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Ruscomp, Inc.

Ruscomp, Inc.

Ruscomp, Inc. has been a long-time client. I actually built their other sites in HTML and CSS long before I discovered WordPress. I actually approached them about moving them to WordPress for better SEO and more interactive options, not to mention the wonderful CMS that is built into it.

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