Is this your full-time job?
Yes. We are fortunate to be able to work full-time doing what we love!

Do you have employees?
Yes, we have an assistant graphic designer/web designer who assists us on website builds.

Do you have office space, or are you home-based?
We work from our home office and pass the savings on to you.

Are you a reseller?
Yes. We resell web hosting services and other products and services through preferred vendors. Benefits include: passing savings onto you, efficient project management, and proven quality of services. You are not required to use these vendors, however. Also, we ensure that you retain complete control and ownership of your hosting accounts and domain names.

Do you charge by the hour or by the project?
Website design projects are quoted by the project. We do have an hourly fee for consulting on other websites.

What if you get hit by a bus?
We insist that you retain complete control of all elements of our work together. We make sure you have the original files so that you can provide them to another designer down the road, if necessary. We will provide you with a detailed web site manual with all login and account information, and all the information a new web developer would need to take over.

What HTML editing software do you use to assemble the graphics and website?
Adobe Photoshop,  Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, and WordPress

Do you provide hosting?
Yes, but we will recommend hosting that can fit your budget. Currently, our number one choices are WP Engine or Liquid Web. There is just no comparison. For lower cost Shared Hosting we would recommend SiteGround or A2 Hosting.

What do I need to supply you to get started?
After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed list of things we will need from you. Examples include: graphics or photography for use on the site; content for Web pages in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Once we have your content and deposit we will get to work.

What if I don't like what you design?
The first step in the design process is to build comps or mock ups. we usually start with one design based on our conversation. Once we have a "look" you like we build a real working example that includes the home page and an inside page. With your design approval, we will begin constructing your new website live on the web so you can follow the progress.

What is site maintenance? (Website Care Plan)
Web maintenance consists of refreshing and adding content to the site, reviewing web site statistics and traffic on the site, monitoring the site for hacker activity, keeping an eye on server maintenance schedules or server errors. For some who don't want to "mess with the website" having a webmaster on call who can make changes to their site is the best solution. You can view our Website Care Plans here.

Can I maintain my own web site?
Yes, you can maintain the content. The web sites we develop are always created with client content management in mind. If your site is a WordPress CMS, you will be able to manage the content to a much greater degree, including the addition of pages, menu items, blog posts, forms, and more.

Do you offer maintenance training?
Yes. It is part of the fee. Plus, you will have instructional videos in the website dashboard and a written manual.

Can design changes be added later?
Of course. A web site is never done! It should be ever changing and refreshed on a regular basis.

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