Why is no one coming to my website? My web developer vanished, what do I do? Why does my website take so long to load? We hear these questions a lot. The best way to figure out what is up with your website is to do a thorough Website Audit.

A Basic Audit can be done without installing anything on your website. We scan your site with our software. It gives us a report on such things as:

  • number of pages/posts
  • site speed
  • performance
  • security
  • cms used
  • hosting
  • user experience
  • SEO / Online Visibility
  • Accessibility

If you have a WordPress website we temporarily install a plugin that will dig deep into your website and give us even more information to help you.

Advance Website Audits begin with our basic audit and then we take a look at how your website was built. We need a login to your website system to do this deep dive. This way we can give a prioritized list of recommendations to improve your site.

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